To fulfill its destiny, Coach Bo says Maroons need UP community behind it

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Sep 30, 2019 01:52 PM
To fulfill its destiny, Maroons need UP community behind it
(Photo by Arvin Lim)

The University of the Philippines stands at solo second at the end of the first round of the UAAP 82 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

This, even after a 26-point rout at the hands of Ateneo de Manila University.

The 5-2 record is the best start to the season for the Fighting Maroons in the Bo Perasol era - and even better than their 3-4 standing through seven games in their Cinderella run to the Finals last year.

Still, the fact of the matter is big things are expected from this State U side - and Coach Bo himself is the first one to acknowledge such. “Many in the UP community expect so much from this team. I don’t blame them,” he said in an open letter made public the morning their loss to the Blue Eagles last Sunday.

He then continued, “Truth be told, more than any true-blooded Isko, I as a coach expect so much from this present lineup.”

Perasol went on to reiterate what he has been saying since the preseason - that this line-up, Diliman’s best in years, has all that it takes to go all the way. “Being a champion, naniniwala ako na talagang destiny (ng UP) yan,” he said in a separate message sent to reporters.

He then continued, “Kaya we need to contend for that at the very least.”

That is also why the always amiable mentor said he acknowledges all the criticism being thrown at him and his team, despite the fact that UP actually is now truly a top two team.

Nonetheless, coach Bo also reminded everybody that constructive criticism is much welcome, but plain old negativity is not. As he put it, again in the open letter, “It’s time we all realize that we all should pick up the pieces when we lose and not beat each other up when we do not come out victorious. We have to be behind each other come what may, through thick or thin.”

He then continued, “If a win is a win so long as we scored more than an opponent, then a loss is a loss even if the margin is 26 points or more.”

With that being said, the fourth-year tactician said he will continue to take on the biggest of burdens for UP’s continued climb to the mountaintop. “I intend to lead UP to victory in Season 82. It is my sacred duty not only as a coach, but a proud Iskolar ng Bayan, to keep fighting up to the very end of the season until the prize is won and the championship trophy is lifted for all Iskos,” he said.

He then continued, “Should this not happen and if I fall terribly short, then, and only then, can you blame me - and the buck stops with me.”

Coach Bo was quick to clarify that he is not guaranteeing anything just yet - but what he’s certain of is that he is well aware of what is being expected of him and his boys. “I know that if I do not deliver now and go all the way in Season 82, then I have no business being at the bench of the UP Maroons any longer,” he said.

He then continued, “To the players go all the praises when we win and every time we lose, it’s all my fault as the coach. I accept that with all humility together with all the harsh words that go with every defeat we suffer.”


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