The Kilig 8: UAAP Players Conefess stories about love secrets and heartbreaks

ABS-CBN Sports on Nov 15, 2019 05:34 PM
The Kilig 8: UAAP Players Conefess stories
Let’s go through the most revealing “Conefessions” from the “Kilig 8.”

This season of the UAAP has been nothing short of stellar. In every game, we saw our fave university hoopers play their hearts out on the court. But in their Conefessions videos, we see them pour their hearts out instead. Let’s go through the most revealing “Conefessions” from the “Kilig 8.”

Jordan Bartlett of the De La Salle Green Archers


Conefession: Jordan Bartlett has been seenzoned before. He also has been in the dreadful place that is the friendzone.

It probably isn’t the case for him anymore, but just like a lot of us, Jordan Bartlett hasn’t always been lucky romantically. Still, Jordan believes that you miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take. So even if you take the L, he urges everyone to shoot their shot.


Tyler Tio of the Ateneo Blue Eagles


Conefession: Tyler Tio always chooses “One Big Fight.” Except when arguing with his girlfriend, that is.

In this particular situation, Tyler chooses “I surrender.” This tells us that he’s not only good at basketball, but he’s also a very smart guy. Good on him.


Alec Stockton of the FEU Tamaraws


Conefession: When asked to pick between true love and a championship, Alec Stockton chose true love.

This is a tough question indeed. A lot of the players we posed this question to opted for a championship. Alec Stockton is one of the few who chose the former. From this, we can see just how much he values the special someone in his life.


Jerrick Ahanmisi of the Adamson Soaring Falcons


Conefession: Jerrick Ahanmisi gets the kilig vibes when a girl makes him laugh.

Who would’ve thought that Jerrick Ahanmisi, who’s apparently single now based on his Conefessions video, gets kilig vibes, too? He may look tough and all on the court, but when it comes to love, it seems that Jerrick softens up like the rest of us.


Renzo Subido of the UST Growling Tigers 


Conefession: Renzo Subido’s advice to torpe guys: “Isipin nyo lagi kayong pogi.”

One of the biggest takeaways from Renzo Subido’s Conefessions is that he’s not afraid to poke fun at himself. Yes, he’s a serious competitor on the court; but off it, Renzo is all smiles and laughter.


John Lloyd Clemente of the NU Bulldogs


Conefession: John Lloyd Clemente was torpe before.

When he was in grade 8, John Lloyd Clemente didn’t have the courage to walk up to his crush. This may have changed now that he’s an athlete playing on national TV; but JLC says that when he’s courting a girl, he remains patient and waits for the right time to make his move.


Philip Manalang of the UE Red Warriors


Conefession: Philip Manalang is at his most kilig when the girl he likes watches his games.

Philip Manalang really appreciates it when a girl goes the extra mile for him and takes the time to watch his games. And when asked to pick between an athlete or an artist for a girlfriend, he chose the former, reasoning that a fellow athlete would be able to relate better to what he’s going through every day.


Ricci Rivero of the UP Fighting Maroons

Conefession: The first thing Ricci Rivero notices in a girl is her smile.

When pressed further, Ricci Rivero said that he always takes notice of a smile first because he wants to know if the girl is happy. Elsewhere in the Conefessions video, Ricci also reveals that he’s been heartbroken at least twice. And oh, they egg him on to bust out his own version of “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang?

These athletes didn’t just bring intensity to the court this season, they also brought the kilig. But as the season rolls on, the competition is only going to get more intense—and you can get the chance to watch these can’t-miss games live by taking a selfie with our Kilig 8 (aka the Cornetto Cuties)! Check out the Instagram Stories on ABS-CBN Sports to find out how.


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