UAAP 82: Growing up means stepping up for new UP captain Rosier

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Feb 09, 2020 02:45 PM
Growing up means stepping up for new UP captain Rosier
Rosie Rosier knows full well she can no longer be "matigas ang ulo" now she is UP's team captain

The University of the Philippines will have four players using up their last year of eligibility in the UAAP 82 Women's Volleyball Tournament.

The tall task, though, of leading the Fighting Maroons back into the playoff picture will fall on the shoulders of a third-year player.

Roselyn Rosier will be State U's skipper for the upcoming collegiate wars and she is nothing but up for the challenge. "I'm very grateful that coach trusts me. I'm excited din kasi being captain means I have to lead the team and be the first one to show what UP is all about," she said.

Of course, Rosier did not expect the call when head coach Godfrey Okumu made it a few months back. As she put it, "It was really a surprise for me."

Even more, she did not expect to keep the captainship when all of Rem Cailing, Tots Carlos, Justine Dorog, Maris Layug, Isa Molde, and Jessma Ramos announced their returns three weeks ago. "I was expecting actually na when the seniors came back, he was going to give it to them, but he really trusted me to have this position," she said.

With that, the 21-year-old acknowledged that she has a lot of growing up to do - especially as this is UP's last shot at a championship with the core that brought it to contention in the first place. "The first thing I thought about was I have to be more responsible and disciplined. When I was in my first and second year kasi, I was very matigas ulo," she said.

She then continued, "Now, I learned that I just have to listen pag napapagalitan ako and just try and be better."

To do just that, Rosier's seniors - as well as the rest of her teammates - have only lent a helping hand. "Nothing changed, actually. The transition was very smooth kasi the seniors, they're actually the ones helping me keep the team responsible and disciplined," she shared.

She then continued, "I don't have to order them or anything. They're also just being role models as always."


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