Dave is king of arm wrestling in Ildefonso household

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Mar 31, 2020 04:46 PM
Dave is king of arm wrestling in Ildefonso household
(Photo by Arvin Lim)

Danny Ildefonso was known as "The Demolition Man" in his heyday in the PBA.

In his household, however, he was the one who got demolished - in arm wrestling, that is.

Danny I. was at the losing end of a battle of wills with son Dave.

Dave was likewise the winner in his matchup with kuya Shaun.

Not once, but twice.

And so, Dave can stake claim to be the king of arm wrestling in the Ildefonso household. Asked if that is, indeed, so, he answered, "Well, based sa physical evidence na meron ako, oo, ganun na nga!"

According to the youngest son, this is not the first time the Ildefonso men have dueled in battles of wills. "Hindi naman madalas, pero pag nati-tripan naming magkulitan o magkaroon ng competition na hindi involved ang basketball, ganyan kami," he said.

Whatever it is, it is very much evident that the bond is nothing but unbreakable between father and sons.

And that is true even after Danny and Shaun dueled to an apparent draw in their arm wrestling contest.


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