GDLs and childhood friends bring relief to stranded workers in UP

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Apr 30, 2020 07:05 PM
GDLs and friends bring relief to stranded workers in UP
(Photo courtesy of Nemuel Sapungan, via Jervis Manahan)

Gomez de Liano brothers Joe, Javi, and Juan alongside childhood friends from Ferndale Homes in Quezon City have reached out helping hands to construction workers inside the University of the Philippines.

The GDLS, together with good old pals Jett Borromeo, King Vergeire, and Paul and Ralph Eclavea went inside Diliman on Thursday to share relief goods to workers who have been unable to go home for more than a month now.

The GDLs and Vergeire are proud products of the University of the Philippines Integrated School and got together with their childhood friends to pool together funds to purchase sacks of rice and several canned goods. "We were informed that a lot of construction workers couldn't leave so we just helped out in our own way to give back to the people of UP," Javi said.

Joe could only agree. As he put it, "We just wanted to give back to the community even in little ways. It feels like the right thing to do - sharing our blessings."

The construction workers have been unable to get out and get away from Diliman due to the continuing COVID-19 crisis.

They had been working at facilities being built in State U such as the new Faculty Center before the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), in essence, locked them in.

According to ABS-CBN's Jervis Manahan, the construction workers "felt abandoned when their boss from the company they work for left them with just three sacks of rice."

With that, the relief goods were only much welcome.

In turn, being able to do their part is much welcome as well for the "Ferndale kids." "It feels great helping out and giving smiles to people," Javi said.

As it turns out, all of this was in the works ever since the ECQ was put in place. "It's something we've been planning ever since the quarantine started. Our parents taught us to give back by helping in whatever way we can, even in small ways," Juan shared.

He then continued, "They taught us to always think about those who are in need. Being able to share our blessings has us feeling overwhelmed."


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