SUPER SHOWDOWN Adamson Tungcab-UP Tungcab

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on May 05, 2020 05:46 PM
SUPER SHOWDOWN Adamson Tungcab-UP Tungcab
(Photos by Arvin Lim)

Birthday boy Jaydee Tungcab has turned into a two-way talent well worthy of his place in the Gilas Pilipinas pool.

Not that long ago, however, he was being looked at as much more than an end-to-end player.

In fact, the 6-foot-3 swingman was supposed to be the brand new shining star for Adamson University.

Circumstances, however, had other plans and Tungcab took his talents to the University of the Philippines.

As a Fighting Maroon, he had quite the run - being a key cog in their breakthrough Season 81 team that ended a 27-year Final Four drought and a 32-year Finals absence as well as their Season 82 squad that seized the second-seed.

Still, there was a time when Tungcab was seen slashing the way for the Soaring Falcons' climb back to the mountaintop.

If you had your way, which version of the now-24-year-old would you want to have on your team? That is the question we hope to answer in this ABS-CBN Sports Super Showdown.

To do just that, we will be weighing between those two versions in five categories (inside game, outside game, ballhandling, role, and defense) with a boxing-style 10-point must system determining the decision.


Tungcab's calling card has always been that of a slasher.

Taking advantage of his long limbs to slice his way into the lane, he can then finish by himself or feed a teammate for a better basket.

From being both the engine and the fuel of the Baby Falcons, Tungcab transitioned into becoming the primary playmaker of the Soaring Falcon offense under then-head coach Mike Fermin.

As a rookie, he posted his best per game counts of 7.5 points and 1.6 assists to go along with 3.6 rebounds.

Unfortunately, those heights wouldn't be reached again as he struggled to hold on to the trust of new mentor Franz Pumaren before transferring to UP and getting lost in the shuffle among all the talent there.

The slasher was still there once he was in maroon and green, but he was never able to build on all that promise he flashed as a rookie.

Advantage Adamson Jaydee, 10-9


The inverse, however, was true from the perimeter as Tungcab, once a shaky shooter, slowly but surely expanded his range.

Not once in his four seasons in college did he make more than seven triples, but his best mark from downtown came in his last year for UP at 31 percent.

Not only did he make good at a higher rate, he also showed much more confidence in his shot as he took it whenever he was open instead of falling back to his tried and tested slashing.

Advantage UP Jaydee, 10-9


Tungcab was never the best ballhandler.

With the ball in his hands for majority of the matchup in his time with the Baby Falcons, he turned the ball over 3.8 times per game.

He had the same problem as a Soaring Falcons as he averaged 2.1 errors in his two years there.

In UP, he trimmed down his turnovers to less than one each contest - but that was because of his lessened minutes.

Still, Tungcab was actually, more often than not, the nominal backup point guard for the Fighting Maroons, meaning he had the responsibility to get the ball over to their side of the court and then get the play going.

In that aspect, he has much room for improvement, without a doubt, but all things considered, he has indeed tightened up his handles.

Advantage UP Jaydee, 10-9


Slasher in Adamson. Stopper in UP.

That was the adjustment Tungcab had to make thanks to his transfer.

While he was solid for the Fighting Maroons as a key reserve who could make an impact on either end, the most snug fit for his game was still with the Soaring Falcons.

In his strongest showing, as a rookie at that, he had the tall task of making the plays.

Of course, learning on the job and having fellow youngsters at his wings led to many mistakes.

Still, when he was playing to his strengths as a slasher, it was easy to see why Tungcab could have been the blue and white’s brand new shining star.

Advantage Adamson Jaydee, 10-9


Above all, this is the department where Tungcab took the biggest leap.

A disengaged defender most of the time with Adamson, he eventually fell short of keeping up with the demanding Pumaren press.

Once he transferred, however, Tungcab changed his mindset and accepted his role in Bo Perasol's scheme - ultimately proving to be capable of a two-way impact.

Famously, he helped hold University of the East's Rey Suerte to four points in 2-of-15 shooting to go along with four turnovers.

This, after Suerte dropped 31 points, including the game-winner, on De La Salle University the last time around

As a Fighting Maroon, Tungcab finally figured out that his long limbs could reach way farther than just the offensive end.

Advantage UP Jaydee, 10-9

FINAL SCORE: 48-47 for UP Jaydee

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