For Kobe Paras, 'shut up and dribble' never an option

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jun 01, 2020 01:34 PM
For Kobe Paras, 'shut up and dribble' never an option
(Photo by Arvin Lim)

Kobe Paras is out to make noise far from the basketball court.

The University of the Philippines' shining star took to social media Monday to speak his mind about racial inequality.

"My skin color is white, but I am Filipino. This still makes me privileged," he said in his Instagram Story (IGS). "But I will stand for what is right and be there for my brothers and sisters.

Paras is joining in on protests that have spanned the globe following the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He also reposted an earlier IGS of Filipino-American Jordan Clarkson of the Utah Jazz which said that Filipinos are behind the call for racial equality.

More than letting his voice be heard, the 22-year-old also called on others to speak out for justice.

"Fighting for your rights is not a crime," he said. "For all those so-called 'influencers,' we don't need your selfies or throwback pics. Use your damn voice to stand up for what is right."

Floyd's death has led to widespread protests across the US as well as the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy, among others.

Several NBA stars have been active in the mass actions, with LeBron James far from shy from decrying the development.

James' IGS saying "If you ain't with us, we ain't with y'all" was also reposted by Paras.

In 2018, the three-time champion and four-time MVP was told by critics to "Just shut up and dribble."

Throughout his career, however, James has always used his shining star to cast a light on social calls.


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