Dad's discipline is foundation of Coach Tab's basketball philosophy

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jun 20, 2020 03:45 PM
Dad's discipline is foundation of Coach Tab's philosophy
(Photo by Josh Albelda)

Tab Baldwin has built a machine in Ateneo de Manila University which never fails to get the best out of its players 1 to 16.

This machine has gone to the Finals for all of Coach Tab's four years in blue and white and has won it all the last three times.

As it turns out, this machine was built on the ground that was first laid by Baldwin's father. "My father taught me about discipline on the basketball court. He was a very fundamental, very successful coach," he shared in last week's Coaches Unfiltered Podcast.

He then continued, "He was very, very immature in terms of his tactics, but I still learned a lot from him."

Indeed, disciplined is one of the topmost - if not the top - descriptions for coach Tab's players.

The system works because each and every one on the roster is willing to do their all to make it work.

Everything else just follows and Baldwin can then thank the coaches he looked up to for rounding out his basketball philosophy - including Dean Smith, legendary mentor of North Carolina basketball; Larry Chapman, longtime shot-caller in Auburn University at Montgomery; Paul "Bear" Bryant, legendary coach of Alabama football.

In particular, Bryant influenced Coach Tab's hallmark of total team effort. "He was a pioneer in terms of how to develop cultures and how to manage diversity, both athletic and skill," he said.

He then continued, "Studying him really molded how I discipline my teams and develop toughness."


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