That Alfred Aroga block on Kiefer Ravena was a long time coming

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jul 11, 2020 07:14 PM
That Aroga block on Kiefer was a long time coming
Apparently, Alfred Aroga made it a personal mission to make Kiefer Ravena feel his presence.

Alfred Aroga is tattooed on the mind of Kiefer Ravena.

"You were that person to me, Alfred," Ravena told Aroga in The Prospects Pod last Friday which the former hosts and the latter was a guest in. "You were that person to me."

Aroga's resounding rejection of Ravena's layup in the UAAP 77 Final Four thrust National University to a historic championship and thwarted Ateneo de Manila University's grand plans of redemption.

Then, the Bulldogs were up by two points on the Blue Eagles with 9.3 ticks to go in the do-or-die game between the two teams with a Finals berth on the line.

Of course, the blue and white went to Ravena who breezed by Pao Javelona and then Gelo Alolino.

Right at the rim, however, he was met by Aroga who swatted the ball away, sealing the deal for the blue and gold's date in the championship round with Far Eastern University.

After three games there, National U celebrated its first championship since 1954.

For the Cameroonian, though, that defensive stop on Ravena was something to celebrate as well.

"I remember, when I got to the Philippines, I went to the arena and NU was playing against Ateneo," he said. "I was observing Kiefer the whole time and because I'm a good observer, I observed he was professional-ready already by that time. When they whipped the ass of NU, I told myself, every time I'm gonna play against Ateneo and Kiefer, they're gonna suffer."

Yes, one of Aroga's first memories when he came to the Philippines was that of "The Phenom" having his way against the Bulldogs.

The 6-foot-7 big man did not forget.

Years later, at long last, he made Ravena feel his own personal revenge. As he put it, remembering his thoughts right after that block, "I was so happy, man. I was like, finally, I got that guy! But it was in a good way, man."

He then continued, "Playing against you, it was a really good test because you're the kind of player you don't stop, you just slow down. We can't stop you, man."


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