DID YOU KNOW… Maddie Madayag started off as a wushu artist

Mark Escarlote on Jul 24, 2020 04:31 PM
DID YOU KNOW… Maddie Madayag started off as a wushu artist
After nu’ng summer I learned to love the sport so I told my mom I wanted to continue -- Maddie Madayag on her wushu stint

Maddie Madayag is poetry in motion when it comes to her blocking.

Her defense at the net is an art form.

But before the Davaoena flexed her muscles into becoming one of this generation’s notable middle blockers, she excelled in a different art - martial arts that is.

Madayag already donned the tricolors performing on the mat as a wushu artist long before the former Ateneo de Manila University hammered her way into winning two UAAP titles and landing a spot in the national women’s volleyball team.

Before pounding the volleyball or putting up a great wall at the net to stop an opponent’s attack, Madayag wowed judges with her routines with weapons especially with the long spear or quiang.

However, her love affair with the Chinese martial arts started with a little nudge from her mother, Donna.

“I actually tried taekwondo and ballet but then it didn’t work for me. Nag-wushu ako noong elementary but then only because my mom forced me. Para lang matuto ako mag-self defense,” said Madayag during her appearance in Volleyball DNA.     

“I don’t know. I was kind of lazy siguro back then. I wanted to watch TV, cartoons, I just wanted to chill. But then my mom wanted me to learn other things din naman. She didn’t want me to stay at home,” added Madayag.

It didn’t take long for Madayag to appreciate the sport.  

“After nu’ng summer I learned to love the sport so I told my mom I wanted to continue,” she said.

Showing talent, athleticism and being naturally competitive, Madayag landed a spot in the junior team. She even competed in the 2009 Asian Junior Wushu Championship in Macau where she won a medal.  

Her wushu stint, however, ended when she entered high school. Madayag cited conflict of schedule as the reason for leaving the sport.

Then came her interest in volleyball.    

“My friends (in Davao Christian High School) told me na, ‘Tara Madz tryout tayo sa volleyball’. After ng tryout na yun ako lang na-recruit because I was the tall one,” said Madayag, who added that she was around 5-foot-8 that time.

It was volleyball that opened an opportunity for the Southern lass to fly to the Big City and eventually land on the Lady Eagles’ nest in Katipunan.

Madayag accomplished great things after fully embracing the team sport.

But what if Madayag pursued her first love?

For sure with her talent she’ll get a spot in the national team alongside wushu star Agatha Wong.




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