What If

What if the UP Pep Squad did not miss UAAP Season 79ís Cheerdance Competition?

November 03, 2017

* photo caption: The finale of UP Pep Squad's "Utak + Puso" performance in the 2015 UAAP Cheerdance competition

by Norman Lee Benjamin Riego


The UP Pep Squad will be making its return to the UAAP Cheerdance Competition it has long turned into its own personal stage.

After missing out last year, the Diliman-based squad is all-set to go all-out to add to its gold medal total of eight and to its medal total of 20—both are tops in the event’s 23-year history.

UP did not participate in the 2016 Cheerdance Competition as a form of protest.

Then, they were still adamant that the results of the 2015 edition of the event “did not genuinely reflect adherence to the competition guidelines and criteria.”

In 2015, the NU Pep Squad reigned supreme with a total score of 668. UST then snatched second-place with 651.5 points while UP Pep ranked third with 610.5 points.

In a parallel universe where the Iskolars ng Bayan decided to put up a fight on the cheerdance mat instead of away from it, however, what could have happened?

For all of UP’s historic greatness, they would have had a tall task matching—or much more, bettering—the championship routine of NU Pep last year. (Please check out this video for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkP3OfLedxg&feature=player_embedded)

That futuristic-themed performance earned for the squad from Sampaloc a score of 711—50 points better than their runners-up FEU Pep Squad.

Basing from how the judging goes, they aced the four categories of stunts, pyramids, tosses, and tumbling.

Without a doubt, that almost-perfect tour de force was more than enough evidence for their four-peat.

And so, UP Pep could have brought their best, and that still wouldn’t have been enough to top NU.

After all, the maroon and green had women lifting men and men being tossed up in the air—and that still wasn’t enough to top NU Pep in 2014.

Of course, we can’t be certain, but it’s safe to say that UP Pep could have very well brought their A-game last year only to see NU Pep playing an A-plus-plus-plus game.

Still, while the new standard in the Cheerdance Competition would have gone on to win the gold, it’s also safe to say that State U would have gone on to win the hearts of many.

Never forget that in 2014, that gender equality routine was the talk of the town despite the Bulldogs’ back-to-back.

Also never forget that in 2016, “Utak-Puso,” while far from UP’s best, had an iconic finish that just about everybody loved. This, even though it was NU that just won a three-peat.

Bottom line, if NU and UP went at it again last year, it’s safe to say that NU would have won the gold, yet again, and UP would have won the hearts of many, yet again.

And bottom line, we will all again get to witness NU Pep and UP Pep go at it in the 2017 Cheerdance Competition that will be on S+A, S+A HD, and sports.abs-cbn.com/livestream/cdc.