UFC 190: The Mike Tyson-Ronda Rousey comparisons are not that far-fetched

The Tyson-Rousey comparisons are not that far-fetched
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In the eyes of the young combat sports fan, Ronda Rousey’s dominance is unparalleled.

After all, she is not only the “most dominant athlete alive”, she finishes her fights that are short enough to be posted on Instagram. 

Rousey’s aura of invincibility is not looking to fade any time soon, as she is constantly improving her game as her fights progress. At the rate she is going, it can be very well safe to assume that should she choose to pursue a career in movies instead and decide to walk away from the sport in a year or two, she can very well retire undefeated.

But her reign of terror is not something new in the prizefighting world. All throughout the 80’s until some parts of the early 90’s, “Iron” Mike Tyson’s stranglehold of the boxing game was one that comes once in a blue moon. Just like how Rousey is on top the women’s MMA game today.

Just to paint a clearer picture, here is an interesting stat sheet provided by ESPN, comparing the two monster athletes and their accomplishments.

Incidentally, Mike Tyson himself says Rousey does remind him of his younger years, as the unstoppable force of boxing’s heavyweight division.

“She has that killer aura, meaning anything is capable of happening,” Tyson said in an earlier interview with The Associated Press. “Whoa! That’s exciting before the fight even starts. I think of myself when I watch her.”

“When we saw Mike Tyson, we saw destruction.” - UFC analyst Joe Rogan

Rousey is slated to face two-time rival Miesha Tate in what is expected to be another classic in the making. And as she enjoys her continous ascent to superstardom, what lies important for “Rowdy” is her ability to bring further glory to women’s mixed martial arts.

“I think that Mike Tyson is a legend as a fighter,” Rousey said in response. “His career is legendary, his reign is legendary. I can only hope to aspire to have as much of an impact on my sport as he had on his.” 


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