Nick Diaz slapped with five-year suspension for marijuana

Milan Ordoñez on Sep 15, 2015 11:05 AM
Nick Diaz slapped with five-year suspension for marijuana
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The Nevada Athletic Commission decided to impose a five-year suspension on UFC welterweight Nick Diaz as sanction to his third marijuana-related offense of his career.

The veteran fighter tested positive for cannabis after his UFC 183 fight against Anderson Silva. Originally, the Commission wanted a lifetime ban for Diaz, but then voted unanimously for five years. He was also slapped with a $165,000 fine on top of it.

According to Commission chariman Francisco Aguilar, the issue was not about marijuana, but rather Diaz’s manner of dealing with the imposed rules.

"This is not just a marijuana issue. This is an issue of marijuana, a lack of being forthright, a lack of cooperation to make the sport better, a disregard for rules -- it hurts other athletes just as much."

Diaz’s lead attorney Lucas Middlebrook says he will appeal the five-year suspension put out by what he described as a “kangaroo court.”

Their decision wasn't based on fact. It wasn't based on evidence. One commissioner said, 'Your attorneys were very persuasive, but you don't respect us. So here's a five-year ban.'"


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