Frankie Edgar furious about possibly not getting title shot again

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 05, 2016 03:38 PM
Edgar furious about possibly not getting title shot again
Photo credit: Richard Esguerra/ABS-CBN Sports

Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar is not optimistic that he will be getting the title shot that was promised to him.

After the Ultimate Fighter 22 finale on December 11th, UFC president Dana White guaranteed “The Answer” the next title shot at 145-pounds. It was after Edgar’s sensational first round knockout victory over two-time featherweight title challenger Chad Mendes.

At the time, Edgar was awaiting the winner between Conor McGregor and José Aldo, who were slated to battle it out at UFC 194 the day after his fight. With “The Notorious” emerging victorious, it seemed like a showdown between him and Edgar was the next move to make.

McGregor, however, went towards another direction and chose to face Rafael Dos Anjos for the lightweight title instead. Multiple reports have claimed that the UFC’s top management is leaning towards making this fight, instead.

These recent turn of events have rightfully left Frankie Edgar in a state of frustration. During his appearance on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour show, Edgar laid out his frustrations in full detail.

"For sure, I’m pissed. I’ve been at it for a while now, I’ve been knocking on the door for this title shot for a while. It started with Cub [Swanson]. If Cub beat me he was promised a title shot. I beat him, I finished him in pretty dominating fashion and no, I’m not even considered for that title shot.”

“I take it in stride,” he added. “I do everything in stride, I really do think I’m a company man, but it’s not really panning out for me being that way."

Despite his sentiments, Edgar did concede to the fact that he is left with no other choice but to give in to the bosses’ decision, who at the end of the day, still have the final say on the matter.

"What can I do? Dana and Lorenzo, they know what I want man,” Edgar lamented. “People are like, 'you need to call them.' They f*cking know what I want.”

“What, am I going to bother them? For what? For them to say no? So they can promise me something one day and say no the next? Come on,” he added. 

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