Nate Diaz submits Conor McGregor in second round

ABS-CBN Sports on Mar 06, 2016 05:40 PM
Nate Diaz submits Conor McGregor in second round
Photo credit: The Associated Press

After a week of trading verbal tirades, late replacement Nate Diaz was able to pull off a victory by scoring a second round submission victory over featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

“The Notorious” controlled the fight’s pace in the opening round, landing his patented left hand at will. One of them even landed on Diaz’s right temple, which opened a deep cut, soon after.

But the 30-year old Stockton, California native kept his composure through the second round. Halfway through, he was able to land a clean, solid punch, subsequently staggering McGregor.

Being hurt by the exchange, the Irishman shot for a takedown, which only opened up the opportunity for Diaz to showcase his strength: his ground game.

Once the fight went to the mat, Diaz took full control, smoothly transitioning into full mount. He then began raining down punches, forcing McGregor to turn around and give his back.

This was when Diaz saw the opening to slide his forearm across McGregor’s chin to lock in the rear-naked choke. Within seconds, McGregor taps.

Time of the stoppage was at 4:12 of the second round.

McGregor, who has tasted his first defeat in the UFC since being signed in 2013, now drops to a record of 19-3 (with 18 victories by stoppage). Diaz, on the other hand, improves to a record of 20-10 (with 17 victories by stoppage).

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