PSL Slam book: Bojana Todorovic

PSL Slam book: Bojana Todorovic
Know more about Bojana Todorovic of Philips Gold. (Photo courtesy of PSL file)

Bojana Todorovic (PHILIPS GOLD)



Age: 24

Height: 5-foot-10

Nationality: American (born in Belgrade, Serbia)

Education: Economics graduate at University of California, Los Angeles and currently working on Masters’ degree on Sports Management and Eastern European History

Position: outside hitter



Most admired person: My mother, Maja Todorovic

Sports to watch: American football and tennis

Music: Anything you can dance to

Movie: GI Jane

Book: Freakonomics

Food: Frozen yogurt

Hobbies: beach volleyball, board games, league of legends, watching the Cooking Channel, golf driving range



In life: Everyday: happiness is not a moment, it is a state of being

In sports: Winning the NCAA National Championship 2011 (with the Bruins) when no one expected us to win


Expectations in the PSL: My expectations are, honestly, just to maintain this kind of energy. We want to play really good volleyball, we want to compete, we want to win the championship but the only way to do it in volleyball is to play together.

Idea about Philippine volleyball: When they recruited me they told me it would not be the same level as the United States which is OK because I played in France that was not the same level as well but they played with so much heart and that’s what’s important to me. My team in France we played, we did the best that team has ever done because we had the same thing that we had here (pointing to her heart) and that’s what I want to bring to the team, which is heart. And they already have it so it’s almost easier here because I don’t have to give them the love of the game they already have this and that’s how I want to play volleyball.

First Filipino word you learned: Salamat, is thank you, right?

Any Filipino exotic food you’ve tried: It’s a type of food, balut. It’s the egg but I have not tried it and they talk about it all the time. They say you try it and I will try it, I will try everything why not, I only live once so I’ll try it. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. If like it, I like it. If I like it, I’ll eat it for the rest of my life.

But do you have any idea what balut is: I think it’s a chicken egg?  Or a small chicken? No? (ABS-CBN Sports: It’s a duck's egg) Oh it’s a duck. But it’s a baby duck? Oh it’s a (duck) fetus! Oh it’s OK. I ate ox tongue before so it’s OK.

Who is the local player you’re closest with: Michele (Gumabao), she’s been great in introducing us to things. She took us to the mall and tried different foods and told us where we can get wonderful massages here. It really helps when there is someone from here that takes their own time and takes you to the places you can go here because you’re afraid on your own or you just don’t know so you don’t go. It’s very special that we have somebody like her.



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