Leila Barros visit is Adachi's gift to Pinoy volleyball fans

Paul Lintag on Jun 11, 2016 06:35 AM
Leila Barros visit is Adachi's gift to Pinoy volleyball fans
GIVE LOVE BACK. Erica Adachi is working on bringing Leila Barros back to the Philippines as a gift to Pinoy volleyball fans.

Just to be clear, Brazilian volleyball legend Leila Barros' upcoming triumphant return to the Philippines was the idea of Erica Adachi.

Adachi, a Brazilian herself who already played in the PSL as an import, told ABS-CBN Sports that bringing Barros back to the country is something she is doing to return some love to the Filipino people.

That's why she is putting her absolute best effort to make it happen.

"Last year when PSL was done, I felt so loved and people were so nice here in the Philippines. I had such a great experience, I love this country so I want to like retribute all the love that I received," Adachi said who played for the Petron Blaze Spikers in the Super Liga.

"So I talked to some friends in Brazil and they gave me Leila's contact so I contact her and told her all the experiences I had and how when I got here [Philippines] everybody was asking about her and how like the sport became bigger because she came here," she added.

Basically, Barros is very close to coming here all thanks to Erica. The good news is Leila is totally on board with it.

"She's really excited to come. I wanna do this for the [Filipino] people," Adachi said. "Hopefully everything will work out and the fans will be happy."

The 5-foot-8 setter is very happy that the Philippines has embraced her personal volleyball hero and the sport of volleyball in general.

"It makes me really proud of my country you know, because I'm a fan of Leila and it's good to have like our hero, being a hero as well for someone else in the globe. It's awesome and the Filipinos are so passionate about her [Barros] it gives me the chills. I feel happy that she [Leila] could change  something here and she's happy about it too," she said.

"She understands her important role in Brazil and volleyball but she never thought that she would like change a totally different country," Adachi added.

So the most important question really is when will Barros come here?

Adachi said that they are still looking for sponsors to accomodate Leila's trip and October is the most likely time for her to visit after the Olympic Games in Brazil

"Everybody wants her here but there's money involved. I don't think it has to be a lot but she really wants to come. I think October will be the month but I'm not sure yet, we have the desire to be here [and] now we just need to work on who's gonna be able to bring her here," Adachi said.

So yeah, Leila Barros, the legendary Brazilian volleyball superstar that took the Philippines by storm over a decade ago is coming back. Mark your calendars.


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