WATCH! Amy Ahomiro scores with a "header" for BaliPure in Game Three

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 04, 2016 09:18 PM
Amy Ahomiro scores with a
Pocari Sweat may have their finals berth, but Amy Ahomiro has her highlight.

Game three of the Shakey's V-League semifinals between Balipure and Pocari Sweat was one for the ages.

Four sets (two of them very close) and two evenly-matched teams slugging it out until one gave in.

Everything was going BaliPure's way in the opening set. And by everything, we mean everything. Even a seemingly mystical play from Amy Ahomiro and her head.

Yes, her head.

Alyssa Valdez soared for her usual attack, but it was denied by Pocari's Lutgarda Malaluan and bounced off Amy Ahomiro's head. 

Thinking she got a kill-block, Malaluan turned her back, only for the ball to go over the net, bounce off the Pocari defender then become a highlight.

Pocari Sweat may have won the match to set the finals date with Philippine Air Force, but it was Amy Ahomiro and the BaliPure Purest Water Defenders who will come home with a play that will be remembered in V-League lore.

Watch Kiwi's heads-up play below:

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