They should stop bashing Alyssa --- Ricky Palou

Mark Escarlote on Aug 03, 2016 08:21 PM
They should stop bashing Alyssa --- Ricky Palou
Alyssa’s getting a lot of bashing in social media in fact ako rin pero I don’t read social media so it doesn’t affect me. But I guess it affects Alyssa because she follows it --- Former Ateneo athletic director Ricky Palou

Former Ateneo de Manila athletic director Ricky Palou sought the help of the media Wednesday night to clarify his and Alyssa Valdez’s side regarding the recent bashing they received from netizens in social media. 

“Alyssa’s getting a lot of bashing in social media in fact ako rin pero I don’t read social media so it doesn’t affect me. But I guess it affects Alyssa because she follows it,” said Palou to a select reporters at the press room of the PhilSports Arena in Pasig City while the 13th V-League Collegiate Conference game between San Sebastian and National University was on going.

Palou, president of Sports Vision that organizes the V-League, was referring to the constant barrage of bashing Valdez received after the two-time UAAP champion and three-time UAAP Most Valuable Player was left out of the teams that will see action in the AVC Asian Women’s Club Championship next month and the 2016 FIVB Women’s Club World Championship on October 18 to 23 at the MOA Arena.    

Palou said that Valdez was approached by Foton, the reigning Philippine Superliga Grand Prix champion slated to play in the Asian tilt to be held on September 3-11 in Binan, Laguna, two weeks ago for a chance to join the team.   

“First Foton asked Alyssa to play in the AVC Asian Women’s Club Championship so they talked to me and I said, “Yeah, she can play.” I told her, “Alyssa if you want to play, you can play.” She said, “I’ll play in the Asian Club but not in the world.” Kasi sabi niya sa world pito ang import baka hindi kami makalaro roon, di ba? Kasi most probably they will play the imports. So she agreed to play in the Asian Club,” said Palou.

“I was talking to Alvin Lu na pwede na (maglaro si Alyssa). Alyssa is ready to play. A few days later they came back to me and said, “Hindi pwede, she cannot play because PSL has a rule that to play in the (Asian) club championship you have to play in the PSL tournament for one conference at least.” So hindi nga siya pwede that’s the reason why she’s not playing in this Asian Women’s Club Championship,” he added.

Palou also clarified that he has nothing to do with Valdez’s choice to stay in the V-League and not transfer to the PSL. He pleaded netizens to respect her decision.  

“The other thing, people are forcing, asking her to play in the PSL eh ayaw niya eh. They are saying pinipigil ko. Hindi ko siya pinipigil na maglaro. In fact, I called her sabi ko, “Alyssa if you want to play in the PSL it’s fine with me. Hindi sasama ang loob ko sa’yo, choice mo yan eh,”” Palou continued. 

“If you think you’ll be better off there, by all means. It’s her decision but ayaw niya eh. People are bashing her kasi bakit ayaw niyang mag-PSL eh choice niya yun eh di ba?,” he pointed out. “Let’s respect her choice. ‘Yun ang decision niya so they should respect her. Naawa na nga ako kay Alyssa kasi you know naman how she is, napakabait na bata, ayaw niyang may kaaway siya. But then we’re hoping this thing should stop. You should respect the choice of a person.”

“They should stop bashing Alyssa,” Palou stressed.

Palou also revealed that Valdez, who won three straight Miss Volleyball awards from the Philippine Sportswriters Association, was even bothered by the flak and bashing received by the media who helped her throughout her career.

“I understand in the game when Ateneo lost to TIP (Technological Institute of the Philippines) she came out of the dugout and masama na nga ang loob niya dahil heto nga people keep on bashing her and all that and sinabi niya sa inyo and I think she mentioned, “You are the press you have a job to do. I’m an athlete I’ll just do what I’m supposed to do.” Ganoon lang yun di ba?,” Palou said 





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