Ex-Lady Eagle Therese Gaston tries a new role

Mark Escarlote on Aug 22, 2016 01:14 PM
Ex-Lady Eagle Therese Gaston tries a new role
I have to do what I think is the best for me -- Therese Gaston

A familiar face slowly entered the room filled with ABS-CBN Sports production people.

Tall, glowing with a captivating smile and filled with confidence, she faced the camera - already rolling signaled by a small bright red light - while holding a microphone.

“Tell me something about yourself,” asked director Abet Ramos while looking at how she registered on the monitor.

“Hi I’m Therese Gaston from Ateneo de Manila,” she opened.

“I played volleyball for the Lady Eagles before,” she added.

Gaston was part of the newest batch of courtside reporter hopefuls trying to land a spot to cover one of the eight teams for the coming UAAP Season 79.

The former Lady Eagle is now looking to get on the court with a different role.

If given a chance, she’ll be wearing simple jeans and shirt with an earpiece and a mic covering the action instead of being part of the action. 


Change of direction

“Personal choice.”

This was the simple answer of Gaston when asked by ABS-CBN Sports why she left the team just after two seasons of playing.

“Not that I was unhappy with the team but I started to think about what I wanted to do in the future and I wanted to redirect lang my path in life which is more directed to my goals,” added the 20-year-old Humanities student. “I really enjoyed volleyball, it’s my passion, but I really thought about what I wanted to do after college and I thought na I have to embrace other opportunities leading towards that.”

A recruit from the University of Sto. Tomas, Gaston was part of Ateneo’s last of back-to-back titles in Season 77 and played with the Lady Eagles failed attempt to protect the crown against archrival De La Salle University the year after.

Gaston revealed that she has been contemplating of quitting the team even before the start of Season 78.

“It’s not something that I thought about overnight it’s something I was thinking about almost half a year and it was hard, siyempre I had doubts,” she said. “I don’t want to leave volleyball immediately, I still love it and it’s not something I could easily give up di ba? I had to weigh my options pros and cons pero at the end of the day I thought talaga na, 'you know what? I have to embrace change'.”

“So I have to do what I think is the best for me. After that I made paalam to my teammates slowly and they understood my decision naman why I had to do it for myself,” she added. “Tapos I made paalam sa sports office ng Ateneo and to everyone else. It was also something that I’ve been talking about with my parents for a long time and we’re talking about it together.”

On her last year with the team, Gaston was already ready to part ways with the squad. Way before the season started.

“Oh yeah I was thinking about it almost half a year na (before Season 78). Even before Thailand (training camp) pa. I was thinking of doing other things na,” Gaston added.

Gaston officially left the team last May after Ateneo lost in Game 3 of the best-of-three finals series in the Lady Eagles’ superstar Alyssa Valdez’s swan song.


Childhood dream

Playing volleyball for one of the most popular team in the UAAP was a blessing but Gaston couldn’t turn her back on her long-time dream of becoming a TV reporter.

She sees her audition for a CSR position as a start to realize that goal.  

“’Yung hilig kong mag-reporter matagal na talaga. Since I was a kid I’ve dreamed about being a news reporter or anchorwoman. And this is perfect for me because I love sports and I also love reporting so parang mix siya,” she said.

Gaston added that if she gets the spot it will turn her life around towards the direction she really wanted to take. 

“It’s a life changing experience siguro kasi all my life I only know volleyball and school. That was my only focus but now if I get this opportunity I get to redirect my whole life and focus on other things,” Gaston continued. “I think that will help me grow more as a person seeing what I can do and what I can’t do.”

Still, she admitted that she misses the hard training and the high of playing the spot she loves.

“I do miss it. I do hope I can comeback in the future. I don’t know where, who knows when pero I don’t want to give it up naman completely,” said Gaston. “We’ll see pa rin. We’ll see where the wind takes me but as of now it’s not the one I’m leading towards, I’m leaning towards something else.”

Gaston if chosen will take the spot of Laura Lehmann if she’ll be assigned with her school and will be reunited with her sister Ponggay and the rest of the Lady Eagles come the volleyball tournament in February.





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