Basas, Morado make move on stats leaders

ABS-CBN Sports on Sep 03, 2016 02:20 PM
Basas, Morado make move on stats leaders
Basas overtook four contenders after three matches in the quarterfinals to move up to second behind leader Grethcel Soltones of San Sebastian-Recoletos in the Best Scorers statistics after the elimination round.

Open spiker Toni Rose Basas of Far Eastern University and setter Julia Morado of Ateneo de Manila Univeristy made a strong push to catch up with the pacesetters in the players-ranking-by-skills race at the close Wednesday of the regular quarterfinal  matches in the Shakey’s V-League Season 13-Collegiate Conference. 

Trailing in sixth place and 21 points off the pace in the Best Scorers statistics after the eliminations, Basas overtook four contenders after three matches in the quarters to move up to second behind leader Grethcel Soltones of San Sebastian-Recoletos. She now has 115 points from 93 spikes, eight blocks and 14 aces, 11 points behind Soltones’ total output of 126.

National University Lady Bulldog Jaja Santiago is in third with 112 points, 14 points adrift, from 86 attacks, 17 blocks and nine aces.

Soltones also leads the Best Receivers column of the trailblazing league organized by Sports Vision with support from official outfitter Accel and official ball Mikasa.

Morado trimmed National University’s Jasmine Nabor’s lead in the Best Setters stats to just 0.18 average excellent  set per set from 2.91 down before the quarterfinals.

Nabor has piled up 319 excellent running sets, 17 faults, 339 still sets out of 675 attempts for a 12.76 average excellent sets per set. Morado has tallied 302 excellent sets, nine faults and 310 still sets out of 621 total  attempts to log an average of 12.58 excellent sets per set.

Lying in third is Vira Guillema also of SSC. She has 271 excellent running sets, nine faults, 379 still sets out of 659 tries for an average of 10.84 excellent sets per set.

For  Open Conference MVP Soltones and teammates Guillema and Alyssa Eroa, who leads the Best Diggers ranking, and Morado, a lot rides in the Sept. 3 knockout game between their teams – San Sebastian and Ateneo – staking the fourth and last qualifying slot for the semifinals which begin Monday.

If SSC gets ousted by Ateneo, it means Basas has stronger chances of toppling Soltones for  the Best Scorers ranking, and Nabor will find herself in a neck-to-neck race with Morado for the Best Setter award.

FEU, NU and University of the Philippines are already through to the semis.

Statistics racked up in the eliminations, quarterfinals and the first two games of the semifinal playoffs will determine the individual awardees in the different categories, according to the league’s statistical arm, the  Volleyball Information System headed by Christopher ‘Shok’ Anore Jr.

The other leaders in the rest of the statistical catefories include Santiago (Best Spikers), Ma. Lourdes Clemente of  Perpetual Help University System Dalta (Best Blockers), and Janine Marciano of San Beda College (Best Servers).

The top six leaders in the players’ ranking by skills as released by VIS.

Best Scorers – (1) Grethcel Soltones, SSC, 114 spikes-5 blocks-7 aces-126 total points (2) Toni Rose Basas, FEU, 93-8-115 pts. (3) Jaja Santiago, NU, 86-17-9-112 pts. (4) Eya Laure, UST, 96-7-5-108 pts. (5) Isa Molde, UP, 73-3-10-86 pts. (6) Remy Palma, FEU, 54-12-18-84 pts.

Best Spikers – (1) Jaja Santiago, NU, 86 spikes-11 faults-149 attempts-57.72% success rate (2) Eya Laure, UST, 96-40-249-38.55% (3) Bernadeth Pons, FEU, 65-17-171-38.01% (4) Michelle Morente, Ateneo, 62-40-173-35.84% (5) Grethcel Soltones, SSC, 114-45-327-34.86% (6) Toni Rose Basas, FEU, 93-22-268-34.7%.

Best Blockers – (1) Lourdes Clemente, Perpetual, 15 kill blocks- 20 faults-67 total attempts-1.15 average block per set (2) Jaja Santiago, NU, 17-10-93-0.68 ave. (3) Jeanette Panaga, CSB, 7-8-62-0.54 ave. (4) Kath Bersola, UP, 15-12-80-0.54 ave. (5) Mylene Paat, TIP, 8-11-45-0.5 ave. (6) Jerrili Malabanan, FEU, 12-8-60-0.46 ave.

Best Servers – (1) Janine Marciano, SBC, 11 aces-3 faults-45 total attempts-0.79 average ace per set (2) Remy Palma, FEU, 18-7-129-0.69 ave. (3) Chi Saet, TIP, 11-6-75-0.69 ave. (4) Pauline Gaston, Ateneo, 14-5-68-0.56 ave. (5)  Eden Maturan, TIP, 9-1-55-0.56 ave. (6) Mylene Paat, TIP, 9-5-51-0.56 ave.

Best Diggers – (1) Alyssa Eroa, SSC, 153 digs-47-faults-284 attempts-6.12 average digs per set (2) Gizelle Tan, Ateneo, 133-36-272-5.54 ave. (3) Marijo Medalla, Perpetual, 54-26-117-4.15 ave. (4) Gayle Valdez, NU, 100-32-209-4.00 ave. (5) Patricia Rasmo, UST, 93-33-219-3.58 ave. (6) Princess Gaiser, UP, 92-31-174-3.29 ave.

Best Setters – (1) Jasmine Nabor, NU, 319 running sets-17 faults-339 still sets-675 attempts-12.76 ave. excellent sets per set (2) Julia Morado, Ateneo, 302-9 faults-310-621-12.58 ave. (3) Vira Guillema, SSC, 271-9-379-659-10.84 ave. (4) Rebecca Cuevas, SBC, 147-10-243-400-10.5 ave. (5) Mae Basarte, UP, 269-12-479-760-9.61 ave. (6) Kyle Negrito, FEU, 223-8-223-454-8.58 ave.

Best Receivers – (1) Grethcel Soltones, SSC, 63 excellent digs-3 faults-151 attempts-39.74% efficiency rate (2) Gayle Valdez, NU, 84-15 faults-175-39.43% (3) Gizelle Tan, Ateneo, 87-10-213-36.15% (4) Arielle Estranero, UP, 69-15-151-35.76% (5) Bernadeth Pons, FEU, 43-4-113-34.51% (6) Francesca Racraquin, SBC, 30-4-44-78-33.33%

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