Japanese coach wants PSL Manila to work harder on defense

Mark Escarlote on Sep 21, 2016 03:41 PM
Japanese coach wants PSL Manila to work harder on defense
PSL Manila players during their early morning training at the Arellano University Gym.

Discipline on defense.

This is the first thing coach Shun Takahashi wanted PSL Manila to work on after the young Japanese mentor made a quick assessment of the team three days since his arrival.

Takahashi said in broken English that the squad needs more polishing on the defensive end especially on floor defense – an aspect the Japanese system of volleyball is known for.  

“We need more practice in defense and we need more drills in movement (defending the floor),” said the 26-year old Takahashi Wednesday morning during the team’s practice session at the Arellano Gym in Taft Avenue.

Less than a month before the team embarks on an once-in-a-lifetime chance to play in the FIVB Women’s Club World Championship on October 18-23, PSL Manila’s training is already in full swing despite still awaiting the arrival of five other foreign imports.

Present during the training were the Magnificent 7 composed of Jovelyn Gonzaga, Rachel Anne Daquis, Kim Fajardo, Jaja Santiago, Jen Reyes, Ces Molina and Mika Reyes. They were joined by American import Lindsay Stalzer and Japanese libero Yuri Fukuda.

The other reinforcements including Puerto Rican Lynda Morales, who saw action for her country in the Rio Olympics, are expected to arrive within the week.

Takahashi, an assistant coach for Japan’s national women’s team, together with Serbian mentor Moro Branislav also focused on the training of middles Santiago and Reyes.

The Japanese specifically corrected Santiago’s approach on her attack. 

“She needs to move a little farther from the net when attacking,” he said, pointing out that Santiago has the tendency to touch the net with her current approach resulting on a violation.

He said that Santiago also needs to stretch her hands when attacking for a more powerful swing and for the setter to throw a higher set.






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