'Confident, arrogant' Foton fuels Petron import Niemer

Mark Escarlote on Dec 06, 2016 05:57 PM
'Confident, arrogant' Foton fuels Petron import Niemer
Foton right now is extremely confident slash arrogant in playing us -- Petron import Stephanie Niemer

Thrash talking and getting under each other’s skin give added color to the already interesting championship rematch between defending champion Foton and archrival Petron in the 2016 Philippine Superliga Grand Prix starting Thursday at The Arena in San Juan.

Tornadoes' American import Lindsay Stalzer fired the first shot by telling the Tri-Activ Spikers that they “will beat them”.

“It's different because we have a stronger team than Petron team this year compared last year so I'm pretty confident we know how to beat them,” said the 32-year old reigning Grand Prix Most Valuable Player.

The Tornadoes swept the Tri-Activ Spikers in two meetings in the preliminary round.

“We beat them twice already so we're gonna use it to our advantage,” added Stalzer to further intimidate their opponent.

But Petron is just ignoring Foton’s psychological warfare.

They’ll let their game do the talking.  

“I think we are the underdogs because we lost twice however it's hard to beat a team three times so I think that will work on our advantage,” said Petron’s American hitter Stephanie Niemer.

With Foton boasting of four towers in 6-foot-5 Jaja Santiago, sister 6-foot-2 Dindin Santiago-Manabat and American reinforcements Stalzer and Ariel Usher, the Tornadoes are favored in the best-of-three series – a reversal of position from last year when Petron was the favorite team to retain the throne.    

Niemer said that they’re fueled by Foton’s ‘arrogance and cockiness’.  

“From the way that I can perceive Foton right now is extremely confident slash arrogant in playing us. So I'm hoping that it'll come and bite 'em in the butt,” said the 27-year old Niemer. “I think they are kind of overlooking us right now.”

The Tri-Activ Spikers’ scoring leader added that she’s would rather not answer the jabs of Stalzer, who reportedly posted on social media a “we will beat you” comment on Petron.  

“I've seen what's been written. I'm gonna take the high road on that one and I'm not gonna acknowledge anything that they've said in terms of what they think is gonna happen,” Niemer said. We'll just see what happens on Thursday.”





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