LOOK: Gohing offers short, sweet farewell to Gumabao after parting ways

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 11, 2017 05:49 PM
Gohing offers short, sweet farewell to Gumabao
From one M.G. to another.

Michele Gumabao announced today that she is no longer with the Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors. 

As expected, tributes poured in for the wide-smiled yet fierce hitter. But none of them may be as touching as her former La Salle and Pocari teammate Melissa Gohing.

Gohing's farewell of sorts is short and sweet, accompanied by a touching photo of them back in their Lady Spiker days.

The photo is also a nice reminder that they have parted ways before, but have remained friends ever since, proving that nothing can pull apart what Gohing and Gumabao have built since their friendship that was rooted from their collegiate days in La Salle and stemmed to their multiple championships for Pocari Sweat.

And in case you miss their on-court chemistry and their off-court antics, you can always go back to that time when they revolutionized the game of volleyball, together.

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