LOOK: BVR on Tour schedule to get you through summer

LOOK: BVR on Tour schedule to get you through summer
Looking to watch some BVR action live? Don't worry, we got you.

Can't make it to Dagupan this weekend to cath live beach volleyball action? Never fear because we got you.

Well, we got you in the sense that we can tell you where to go next so you can plan accordingly.

Beach Volleyball Republic is currently at Tondalingan Beach in Pangasinan for the second leg of its 2017 tour and it won't really take long before they go on the road again after they wrap up in Dagupan.

After two monhts up north, BVR heads to Visayas on March 18-19 to set up leg 3 at Lakawon Island in Negros Occidental.

With summer coming up, BVR will have a busy April as two legs are scheduled back up north. Not to fool anyone but Kahuna Beach in La Union will host leg 4 on April 1-2 while BVR favorite Aguib Beach in Sta. Ana Cagayan is in charge of leg 5 on April 22-23.

Wrapping up the summer season, BVR on Tour 2017 will visit Guimaras Island on May 6-7 for leg 6.

Now that you now this precious information, start clearing your schedules to catch everything.

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