How to start playing volleyball according to Amy Ahomiro

Paul Lintag on Jul 27, 2017 08:23 PM
How to start playing volleyball according to Amy Ahomiro
If Steven Adams can learn how to play volleyball from Amy Ahomiro, so can you.

Last week, Oklahoma City Thunder big man and New Zealander Steven Adams was in town for NBA 3x Philippines.

But before Adams did his thing for the Association, he had some free time.

Like a lot of free time.

And in those free time, Adams met fellow Kiwi Amy Ahomiro of the Perlas Banko Spikers. Naturally, the former Ateneo middle hitter thought Stevens a thing or two about volleyball.

Adams picked up the new sport rather quickly.

Now that its establisshed that Ahomiro is a pretty good volleyball mentor, we asked her six additional tips on how to start playing the sport.

Thank us later.



"You have to be willing to work and put in the effort," Ahomiro told ABS-CBN Sports.

Now that's an advice that goes way beyond volleyball. Next.



"Stay fit and stay confident," she says.

You get fit to play sports, not the other way around.



"You can't really forget the basics," the former UAAP Finals MVP revealed.

How can you drill that awesome spike if you don't even know how to properly approach the ball right? And the approach is just one part of the entire process.



"Even in our games at a professional level [if]  no one is talking, the ball will hit the ground," Ahomiro said.

You're playing with five other players in volleyball. To establish connection and create perfect harmony, you need to communicate.



"In volleyball, you never really know where the ball is gonna go so you always have to anticipate," she says.

It's pretty painful to get hit in the face. Always be ready.



"In volleyball, there's always gonna be times when you make mistakes. You just have to stay confident," Ahomiro shared.

Happy, happy!

If you're not the type to read through a whole post, the entire thing is in video form below. Enjoy and hopefully, Amy's 6 tips for aspiring volleyball players helped you a lot.



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